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Innovation and Creative Thinking course participants welcome Ena Kawakamiya

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There is increasing attention on innovation methods amongst large corporations, family businesses, and even startups. Corporate practitioners are considering a new methodological approach to enable them to think and create new products and services that are user-centric and innovative.

Prof. Goi specializes in entrepreneurship and design thinking, but recently he has been actively involved in SDGs activities in cooperation with Japanese companies and local governments as an activity to realize "Creating Shared Value (CSV)," which is to create value through collaboration between companies and local communities.

Creation of shared value = CSV (Creating Shared Value)

Prof. Goi highlighted real business cases on leading tech giants and engaged students' participation - a great opportunity for MBA students to share their practical experiences and learning from their diverse backgrounds. He talked about the design thinking and innovation process for various global tech brands and their corporate culture, seeking students' opinions on value & vision and business diversification for these leading brands and how they are redefining innovation and creative thinking.

Case Method

On the final day of the class, as a real case based on the context of regional revitalization projects in Japan, Prof. Goi introduced Ena Kawakami-ya, a famous manufacturer of sweets in the nearby town of Ena, as an example of his work on SDGs with Ena City. CEO Mr. Shingo Kamada of Ena Kawakami-ya participated as a guest speaker.

Mr. Kamada spoke about the company's past efforts and challenges. The 17 course participants from 12 different countries worked in groups to create innovative business proposals using new value and smart digital prototypes for product promotion, such as new product development and market development. "The Sweets Project," as it was titled, concluded with presentations of proposals for Mr. Kamada.

From their lessons learned throughout the course taught by Prof. Goi, professionals from various walks of life were able to apply the latest concepts in management science toward practical solutions for real business issues, and demonstrate how diversity of perspective breathes life into innovation for all parties involved.

COVID-19 infection prevention measures

We continue to operate classes with thorough measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, including thorough disinfection and temperature checks upon entering the building, maintaining social distance with seating arrangements, and keeping the classroom entrances and exits open and using circulators for thorough ventilation.