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The future of music streaming: Technology Management

#MBA #Innovation #SDGs

Case Method

Using case method and representative case studies, participants in the Technology Management course analyze and discuss technology management for future corporate managers and responsible citizens in society.

Throughout the course, Prof. Tomofumi Anegawa explores questions about evolving corporate roles for technology management including pricing, marketing, and developing technology, as well as managing intellectual property rights, risks, and ethical considerations in line with the SDGs. Course participants consider factors for promoting technological innovations such as economic, political, environmental and cultural conditions, and relate the rise and fall of certain countries, industries, and corporations with technology innovations by applying management theories.

In Day 2 of the course, participants engaged in a lively discussion on the sustainability of Spotify’s free and premium models, the impact of COVID-19 on the music industry, and future competitors to the prevailing music-streaming services of today.