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"Corporate Finance" lecture by Professor Iwasawa

#MBA #Corporate Finance #IPO #Venture Capital

Professor Seiichiro Iwasawa conducted a lecture on “Corporate Finance” which is a mandatory core module for MBA students. The goal of this module is to provide students with a set of analytical tools to make rational corporate investment and financing decisions, and opportunities to "test-drive" by applying what they learn.

The first session of this course is related to corporate investment decision making. The principle of rational investment decision-making is very simple: a corporation should make an investment if and only if the benefits of the investment are larger than its costs.

Case Method

The second session includes corporate finance decision-making and explains how a corporation should raise its capital and determine its capital structure. What about the case of a start-up company? The study also includes these issues through interesting cases which deal with topics such as bond rating, share buybacks, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, and IPO.

Professor Iwasawa highlighted equity corporations along with stock price variation, also discussing various case studies, credit rating agencies and international audits.