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Picking Up the Pieces: 2022 SDGs Project Day 2 Fieldwork

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Emulating the principles of the "Immersion Experience Project" (IXP) by Harvard Business School, the SDGs Project course employs an exploratory and grounded learning approach through interactions with stakeholders and research done in the field, bringing together interrelated stakeholders that shape communities as an ecosystem, and whose actions and attitudes impact their community as a whole. Data collected through surveys, interviews, and group consultation throughout the fieldwork portion of the course provides a confluence of information sources enabling intensive contextual studies informing the consulting proposals for stakeholders.

Day 2 of the project course brought in view multiple sets of stakeholder organizations within the city of Ena in Gifu Prefecture, including the Ricoh Corporation, Ena North Junior High School, the Satohachi NPO, and the Ena City SDGs Promotion Board. Together, project participants explored Ricoh's ESG initiatives and its relationships with other stakeholders. In discussion with Satohachi NPO and local farms, they gained an understanding of the relevance and impact of NPO activities on regional sustainability and the role of local government, volunteer-run organizations, and residents.

Ultimately, the course will challenge its participants to identify and articulate the potential for synergy between stakeholders, all connected by their common setting and their aspiration to develop a sustainable community through collaboration.

About the SDGs Project

Organized and steered by Prof. Goi and Prof. Hakeem, the SDGs Project course held in the fall brings together a group of international perspectives to address issues in ESG areas brought forth by corporate and governmental stakeholders. The course connects elements of academia and industry, providing parties representing corporate, governmental, and educational interests an opportunity to interact and synergize their skillset in order to solve issues faced by world.