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MSc in Accounting & Taxation × Nihon University Football Case


The following is an introduction to the last day of the Business Law class taught by Professor Akitsuyu Ogawa, which was the first class of the 2022 spring semester at the NUCB Business School, MSc in Accounting & Taxation Program. At our school, more than 90% of the faculty members are practitioners who have worked at the forefront of business and have met the global standard teaching standards set by the three international accreditations of AASCB, AMBA, and EQUIS.

Business Law

The purpose of this class is to help students acquire basic knowledge and application skills of business law in general, with a focus on corporate law, especially from the standpoint of company management. The class is designed to be both interactive and multidirectional, using practical cases as subjects, using the case method and group discussions, and emphasizing the acquisition of "usable knowledge" from a practical point of view.

Business Law by Professor Akitsuyu Ogawa

On the last (fourth) day of class, participants held a mock press conference using the "Nihon University football" case as material to examine the importance of corporate compliance and basic practices in handling misconduct cases. Next, the participants learned how to respond to the practical aspects of intellectual property strategy, which is extremely important from the perspective of corporate legal affairs, by examining various case studies on employee inventions, infringement and non-infringement, and corporate patent defense. Participants deepened their understanding of the basic structure of corporate law, labor law, and handling of misconduct cases through in-class discussions, presentations, mock shareholder meetings, and mock press conferences, as well as through practical learning methods.