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Strategic Thinking Lecture by Prof Nigel Denscombe

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“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few people engage in it” Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company

Professor Nigel

Strategic thinking might be the most important management skill that, in a globalizing business
world where just about everything is changing and the “status quo” is change itself, is a key
requirement that provides the boundaries for other business actions.

Prof. Nigel Denscombe conducted an online lecture on Strategic Thinking as a part of the core module for Masters in Management program. The learning goals of the course are critical thinking, diversity awareness, ethical decision making, effective communication and global perspective.

In 4 days lecture students discussed real business cases along with practical examples and how they change Japanese business and the economy. Prof. Denscombe highlighted various business models and frameworks during the lecture, and to make class more interactive created polls to further engage students to share their business opinion and analysis with solid examples and references. The use of polls on an online learning platform is an innovative way to give freedom to students to highlight their thoughts clearly.

The course will provide a special integrated toolbox of great foundation skills that are essential for today’s globalizing managers. The key element will be an understanding of how to view and assess business situations and contemplate the actions necessary to deal with change.

Profile of Professor Nigel Denscombe