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Virtual Careers Collaboration Event

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"Careers Collaboration Event" for the international students in MiM/MBA program was held virtually on Saturday, 31st July 2021, showcasing recent alumni who have successfully furthered their career in Japan. Our alumni shared their experiences and advice with current students interested in working in Japan in the future, such as insights about how they found their role, their experiences of the application and interview processes and what it was like getting settled in at their company.

This gave our current students the chance to get some first-hand advice and experience, as after each alumni presentation there was extra time for questions and discussion.

As well as popular job hunting sites, the importance of networking was stressed by our alumni, as well as the need to study Japanese hard! Alumni advised current students to narrow down and focus their job search, leveraging your strengths and of course taking care of yourself under the stress of searching for a job.

We also learned more about how to settle into a Japanese company, including becoming accustomed to some typical Japanese business practices such as exchanging business cards, group-oriented thinking and "Ho-Ren-Sou" - reporting, communicating and consulting with your team.

Best of luck to our recent and future graduates in their careers!