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The Reality of International MBAs

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Studying abroad to obtain an international MBA may be the ideal path for a successful global career. That path, however, not only requires one to stop working for at least two years, but also costs as much as 15 million yen when including the MBA degree and living expenses. This is why the “International MBA for Working People” came to life. It is a short-term international MBA program, which consists of participating in management programs offered by business schools in Europe and North America for one or two weeks while receiving a regular MBA education in Japan. The subjects that are taken abroad are incorporated into the Japanese program as graduation credits. By choosing themes that are hard to practice in Japan, such as “International Management” and “Global Leadership,” the participants can enjoy the benefit of complementing their curriculum without having to stop working. Below are the institutions eligible for the support system of the “Short-Term International MBA for Working People” that is offered by our business school.

Short-Term International MBA for Working People

  • MIT Sloan School of Management (Boston)
  • Harvard Business School (Boston)
  • IMD – International Institute for Management Development (Lausanne)

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