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Course Introduction: Managing Multinational Business

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In the current global business landscape, “Multinational Corporations” (MNCs) cross borders, expand into new markets, broaden their scope and explore new opportunities - but how do these huge and complex organizations make decisions about their remit and strategy?

This course explores the management processes of MNCs, examining the reasons behind the firm’s decision to move some aspects of operations abroad such as production, outsourcing or new market exploration. The course also discusses optimal ways to manage MNCs according to their size and mode of operations in foreign markets. Discussions focus upon famous MNCs and their evolving management style to expand or retain their market share around the globe.

The course is based on “Case Studies” of famous MNCs to explain the theoretical concepts with real-world examples. It is designed to help executives and graduate students to understand strategic moves made by MNCs and evaluate their consequential performance.

By understanding the nature of challenges faced by MNCs, the contents will be focused on the following topics.
- Dynamics of Global Markets
- Strategy and Sustainable Growth
- Understanding Competitive Edge
- Innovation, Disruptive Technologies, and MNCs

By the end of the course, students will be able to –
・Understand the structure of different MNCs and possible modes of international expansion.
・Understand the dynamics of international markets and operational strategies by MNCs.
・Analyze competitive advantage and its exploitation by MNCs to enhance market share.
・Tackle operational and regulatory issues faced by MNCs in different, particularly emerging markets.
・Understand the strategic moves by MNCs to tackle disruptive technologies in their core business areas.

Dr. Hakeem earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Management from Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University, Japan. His master degree was also received from Tohoku University, and his MBA and BBA (Hons.) from COMSATS University. While at Tohoku University he was awarded various scholarships including Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT) for Masters and PhD. He worked as JSPS fellow at Tohoku University before joining NUCB Business School. He was part-time lecturer at The Department of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS), Hosei University, and Graduate School, Tohoku University of Community Service and Science. His professional experience includes work in Investment Management, Financial Consultancy, Education, Training and Career Counselling in different organizations. He has published a number of articles and participated in a series of conferences. His research interests include but are not limited to International Business, Strategic Management and Network Science.