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Open Webinar #4: "Emotionally Intelligent Leadership" with Ms. Kathi Love

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On June 18th, NUCB Business School marked the end of its "Insights from Industry Leaders" webinar series, one of two series of open and free webinars being held through the Spring Semester. The last session, entitled “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership,” was conducted by Kathi Love, CEO of Motherwell Resources, an executive coaching firm, director on the board of Comscore, a publicly-traded analytics company, and former president and CEO of GfK-MRI, the US branch of the world's fourth largest market research institute.

Ms. Love explored the distinction between functional intelligence, such as that employed when recognizing patterns in data or marketing strategically, and emotional intelligence, which can have great influence on important moments when negotiating, communicating with team members, or taking risks.

She punctuated her points with her own reflections on her decades of experience, providing powerful and interesting anecdotes that conveyed messages about the importance of emotional intelligence, an understanding of the politics and subtler personal and social forces at work in every professional situation.

Upcoming webinar:
Navigating the Job Market Post-COVID-19
from the "Leading in Turbulent Times" series
23rd of June, Tuesday from 18:30 to 19:30 JST
Speaker: Dr. Hakeem Muhammad Mohsin, NUCB Business School

Next week's session is part of the "Leading in Turbulent Times" series and is entitled "Navigating the Job Market Post-COVID-19." The session speaker will be Dr. Hakeem Muhammad Mohsin, an NUCB Business School faculty member who earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Management from Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University, Japan. His master degree was also received from Tohoku University, and his MBA and BBA (Hons.) from COMSATS University.

He worked as a JSPS fellow at Tohoku University before joining NUCB Business School. He was part-time lecturer at The Department of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS), Hosei University, and Graduate School, Tohoku University of Community Service and Science. His professional experience includes work in Investment Management, Financial Consultancy, Education, Training and Career Counseling in different organizations. His research interests include but are not limited to International Business, Strategic Management and Network Science.

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By hosting these series, we hope to promote the interests of higher education and strengthen managerial awareness by reaching out to those who would like an opportunity to challenge themselves during a challenging time by experiencing what NUCB Business School has to offer virtually.

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