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Open Webinar #5: "Navigating the Job Market Post-COVID-19"

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On June 23rd, NUCB Business School continued its "Leading in Turbulent Times" webinar series, one of two series of open and free webinars being held through June and July. The 3rd session, entitled “Navigating the Job Market Post-COVID-19,” was conducted by Dr. Hakeem Muhammad Mohsin, an associate professor on the faculty of NUCB Business School, who specializes in International Business, Strategic Management, and Network Science.

Prof. Hakeem discussed how each country has had a different COVID-19 strategy, with each showing very different rates of unemployment over the past year. Similarly, every nation had a different strategy for the financial crisis and each took variable amounts of time to recover. Prof. Hakeem showed how the US bounced back in 5 years, Europe in about 10 years, with some countries in Europe still having not returned to pre-crisis economic levels.

He highlighted that this is because of overlap with other endemic latent issues which are exacerbated, amplified, or brought to the forefront by crises like COVID-19, particularly the displacement of jobs by cost-effective automation, which threatens workers in the same industries that are threatened by COVID: retail, manufacturing, food services, and construction.

Prof. Hakeem pointed out how different circumstances in different countries will affect the widespread acceptance of automation at variable rates, but on a long enough timeline, industry will eventually universally embrace automation. In Japan, the knowledge gap for new job paths will contribute to the already existing problem of Japan’s aging population, in which there is a surplus of jobs that cannot be filled.

Upcoming webinar:
Effecting Change in Japan: Traditional Culture
and Its Adaptation

from the "Leading in Turbulent Times" series
Jun 30, 2020 06:30 PM JST JST
Speaker: Prof. Ted Katagi, NUCB Business School, Founder and CEO of Kenja Corporation

Our next session will be about Japanese business culture and how it has been affected by the COVID-19. Speaker Ted Katagi is a professor at NUCB Business School and the founder and CEO of Kenja, a software company that develops e-work solutions for corporate clients in diverse industries such as Investment Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Airline Transportation. Professor Ted started his business career in Enterprise Sales for IBM. He joined Bain and Company after business school and used his four years of experience there to then become Director of Strategy for AirTouch.

Over his 20 year career experience as an executive, he has operated under numerous titles, including Chief Marketing Officer with Vodafone Japan/Verizon Wireless/and the Digital Phone Group; Global head of Commercial Strategy for Vodafone; the head of the 2 Billion USD enterprise group at Japan Telecom; the head of their Private Equity Group in Asia for Fidelity; and COO of Picsel Software.

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By hosting these series, we hope to promote the interests of higher education and strengthen managerial awareness by reaching out to those who would like an opportunity to challenge themselves during a challenging time by experiencing what NUCB Business School has to offer virtually.

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