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Lecture on "Technology Management" by Prof. Anegawa

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Professor Tomofumi Anegawa conducted an online lecture on “Technology Management” which is an elective core module for GLP MBA students. In this course, students will be using the case method and representative case studies to analyze and discuss technology management for future corporate managers and responsible citizens in society.

This class addresses three major questions. First, we clarify what technology and technology management is. Second, we examine corporate roles for technology management including pricing, finance, marketing, R&D, product design, quality assurance, intellectual property rights, risk management, ethics and SDGs. Third, factors for promoting technological innovations such as economic, political, environmental and cultural conditions related to the rise and fall of certain countries, industries, and corporations with technology innovations are discussed.

Professor Anegawa discussed various cases of government policies interlinked with natural disasters in Japan and how they changed business policies for many small and medium enterprises. He further covered how these earthquakes have an impact on entrepreneurs and decision makers. He also applied various management theories such as “Structure-Performance-Conduct (SPC) framework”, “Disruptive Technology” and Strategic Trade Theory”. Students also shared their home countries’ experience related to the case.

Prof. Tomofumi Anegawa Biography:
Professor at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business and part-time lecturer at Keio University. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo in 1977, withdrew credits from the Graduate School of Economics in 1983 (Business Administration), 1983 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University. In 1991 he did Ph.D. from Yale University in Economics.

Academic Background: Ph.D. Yale University

Specialized Field: Social Capital, Industrial Organization Theory and Medical Economics