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"Let's Talk Business" Session #3: "HR in Japan and Around the World"

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The NUCB Business School Student Representative Council conducted the third and last session of its online series entitled "Let's Talk Business" on Monday, July 20th. The session highlighted "HR in Japan and Around the World." The last session’s guest speaker was NUCB Business School alumnus Ms. Prang Serino, Corporate Planning Assistant Manager with Toyota Financial.

Ms. Serino shared her personal experience and talked about the hiring process in Japan, specifically when it comes to interviews and the selection procedure for non-Japanese applicants. Culture plays a vital role in any working environment; in Japan, this means that team performance is more important than that of the individual. Because of this, evidence of loyalty in an applicant’s work history is chief among the concerns of Japanese firms looking to hire; in fact, Japanese companies go as far as to incentivize loyalty more so than performance.

This series successfully welcomed fresh perspectives from the NUCB Business School student body and provided a chance for students to engage with each other as peers, as students of business and management, and as budding and experienced professionals. Student-led collaborative efforts such as the “Let’s Talk Business” webinar series are a testament to the type of forward-thinking leadership that the Frontier Spirit instills and fosters in each and every member of the NUCB Business School community.

SRC President Mathieu Labro, a student from France in the 1-year MBA program, shares the following message:

The SRC would like to thank you all for your support in the successful delivery of the "Let's Talk Business" webinar series: from responding to surveys, attending, participating, and giving feedback. We have summarized your feedback in the attached poster.
Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita, we could not have done it without you!