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The 7th meeting of the Business Support Network (Making a Simple Smart Home)

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On Saturday, May 15, the 7th Business Support Network meeting was held virtually, with two sessions and about 30 people in attendance.

In Session 1, we welcomed Mr. Toyokazu Matsushita, a software engineer, and Mr. Shinichiro Ando, a graduate of EMBA from our school and a small and medium-sized enterprise diagnostician, introduced the know-how of smart home development using inexpensive IoT devices and their implementation cases to easily convert existing home appliances into smart homes. The participants exchanged opinions on how to use these new methods in business situations.

In Session 2, we welcomed Ms. Yuka Shimoyama, Mr. Hiroshi Shimoyama, and Mr. Kunihiro Yamamoto, who, like Ms. Ando, are active in the front line as SME diagnosticians and business managers after completing the EMBA program at our school. They gave an overview of the subsidy policy and introduced the actual points of utilizing the subsidies with actual examples. Discussions were held on how to provide management support using subsidy policies as a consultant.

The 8th meeting of the Business Support Network is scheduled to be held in August. Please look forward to the next meeting.

About the Business Support Network

The Business Support Network has started regular study sessions using the know-how learned in the MBA program as well as the experienced backgrounds of the School's students, and a variety of people, including those who are aiming to start venture businesses and accelerators, are participating in the sessions to share their learning with everyone.

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