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The second meeting of the Healthcare Network was held

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The NUCB Business School has many students who are active in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.
Many of the students who have completed the program are also making use of their MBA to broaden their activities.
Professor Yuji Nagasawa is the founder of the Healthcare Network Association, which is a group for students and research students working together in the pharmaceutical and medical fields to exchange and cooperate with each other.

This time, participants brought their own agenda and discussed the following three topics.
1: What is the management strategy in the market dilemma between the long-term perspective of pharmaceutical companies and the recent short-term perspective?
2: How can dispensing pharmacy chains improve the one-stop service they provide?
3: How can pharmaceutical companies instill their management philosophy?

As of July, the network has about 40 participants, including MRs (Medical Representatives), doctors, hospital administrators, and a wide range of other professionals. Activities are held not only at the Nagoya Campus, but also at the Tokyo and Osaka Campuses, and meetings are held every three months at each school.

If you are a current or former student involved in pharmaceutical or medical related business and are not a member of the "Pharmaceutical and Medical Network Subcommittee", please contact the secretariat.