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  7. The 2nd Business Succession Network meeting was held virtually

The 2nd Business Succession Network meeting was held virtually

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"Are Family Businesses Resistant to Crisis?" Supported by Dr. Kurimoto, a large number of MBA holders gathered for a virtual meeting of the Business Succession Network to answer this question in light of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 affecting various industries.  

Business succession

Do you think that family businesses are resilient to the effects of pandemics and disaster crises such as the novel coronavirus, COVID-19? Do you think they are vulnerable? Many of the participants in the Business Succession Network belong to family businesses. Many of the participants who are involved in the network think that they are strong. This is because when faced with an urgent crisis, a family company where the owners and management are united can directly communicate their leadership and flexibly make changes according to the current situation. In other words, the ability to immediately make decisions that are needed now is an advantage. In particular, there are many long-lived family businesses that have been in existence for more than 100 years, and it is believed that they can overcome crises that they have faced many times in the past by having a sense of ownership and using their experience of success in the competition for survival.

About the Business Succession Network

Not only family businesses, but also graduates, current students, and faculty members of the NUCB Business School who are interested in various matters related to business succession will hold active study sessions, with everyone viewing issues brought before the members as their own.