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  7. The 4th Business Succession Network meeting was held at Tokyo Marunouchi Campus

The 4th Business Succession Network meeting was held at Tokyo Marunouchi Campus

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The fourth session of the Business Succession Network was held in person for the first time since February 2020. Mr. Yoshio Sunamura, who completed his MBA in September 2020, led the fourth discussion on the theme of "The Baton from Father to Daughter."

The topic was how the daughter, the main character, who had been a housewife for 30 years, suddenly took over the role of president after her father passed away suddenly, and how she grew up to be a business owner while managing the company through trial and error. Does the succession of a business to a daughter require any special considerations, unlike the succession of a business to a son? Does it not? If so, what kind of considerations should be made? How much time should be spent with the company to achieve this?

The discussion was very lively, with a keen awareness of the importance of mothers as a buffer between fathers and daughters, who are not always able to talk frankly. This topic made participants think about the importance of communication, the importance of preparation for business succession, and the fact that the relationship between a manager and his successor is based on two aspects: the family relationship and the business relationship.

After a long time, the participants enjoyed the face-to-face session and also reported on their recent activities. We are looking forward to the next face-to-face meeting, hoping for the end of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

About the Business Succession Network

Not only family businesses, but also graduates, current students, and faculty members of the NUCB Business School who are interested in various matters related to business succession will hold active study sessions, with everyone viewing issues brought before the members as their own.