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  7. The Healthcare Network of the Strategic Management Research Institute was held in Osaka

The Healthcare Network of the Strategic Management Research Institute was held in Osaka

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Strategic Management Institute, Healthcare Network

Healthcare Network

On Sunday, October 27, 2019, a meeting of the Healthcare Network, founded by Professor Yuji Nagasawa, was held at the Osaka Campus. Current and former students gathered to discuss and make presentations in groups on three topics presented in advance.

The following three topics were presented.
1. The relationship between local governments, regional comprehensive systems, and the private sector
2. The pros and cons of lending and depositing business in the medical equipment industry: Who owns the inventory of consumables?
3. Human resource strategies for survival in the pharmaceutical industry in transition

The network has more than 400 members in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, mainly students and graduates working in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, and meets regularly at campuses in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. It is not only people engaged in the healthcare industry who participate in the study group. People from a wide range of industries, such as consulting, manufacturing, distribution, and service industries, participated to improve their own insight and exchanged opinions on the future of healthcare. For those in the healthcare industry as well, this is a place where they can gain new ideas and insights by being exposed to ideas from other industries.

Considering the maintenance of hospitals in the future society

Community-based comprehensive care systems are deeply related to people's lives, from their health to their recovery from illness. When we take a look at the actual efforts being made in the community, we find that there are various problems, such as the fact that the system is not working well and that public and private hospitals are in disarray.

Healthcare Network

What changes should be made to maintain hospitals in a future society where the population is aging and tax revenues are decreasing?

Based on the issues raised by the members, we had a discussion and heated debate on what problems and issues the current hospitals and care systems are facing, what the roles of public and private hospitals are, and how to get involved with private companies. Opinions were raised on various points such as governance, political factors, and cooperation with the private sector.

In the subsequent agenda, opinions were exchanged from various perspectives in the healthcare industry, which continues to undergo technological innovation at an ever-evolving pace. The Healthcare Network, also known as the Pharmaceutical and Medical Network Subcommittee of the Institute for Strategic Management, is also a place where current students and graduates can actively interact with each other, build networks, and learn from each other, not only while in school but also after graduation.