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Dr. Hiroki Isono, an MBA graduate of our school, was featured in "G Note" magazine

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Bringing Smiles to Patients, Providers, and Communities

修了生 五十野博基さん

An article by Dr. Hiroki Isono, an MBA alumnus was published in G-Note magazine for doctors who bring smiles and protect the health of the community. Mr. Isono is involved in family medicine as well as in hospital care units. In his research, he explained how patients' interaction and behaviour is important once they are discharged from the hospital as doctor and patient relations are not only limited within the hospital.

The energetic smile on the 103-year old patient at the time of discharge makes things more emotional for the medical staff. Dr. Hiroki said, "I would like to continue to work in a different way that can change patients' lives in a better way.

Profile of Dr. Hiroki Isono
Dr. Hiroki Isono is Medical Director in the Department of General Medicine at HITO Hospital. He received his M.D. in 2018 and M.B.A. in 2020 from NUCB Business School while working in the General Medicine Group at Tsukuba University Hospital. In April 2020, he and his wife were transferred to HITO Hospital in Ehime Prefecture, which is based on the concept of "supporting life," to realize their dream of "bringing smiles to patients, medical professionals, and the community" through their work at the hospital. They are currently recruiting colleagues to work with them to spread general medicine in Shikoku. Dr. Isono is a specialist in general internal medicine, intensive care medicine, family medicine, and is a medical advisor.

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