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  7. The January meeting of the Business Design Network was held virtually

The January meeting of the Business Design Network was held virtually

Business Design Network #BusinessDesignNetwork #NetworkReport

This time, we welcomed Prof. Yuriko Sawatani, a faculty member of our school, and Mr. Takeshi Narusako of Denso Corporation for a dialogue on the theme of "From Business Concept to Practice." In the session, it was stated that "we are in the midst of a Cambrian explosion of IT, and it is necessary to evolve in a prolific and prolific manner." The future of digitalization (IT) requires starting from scratch with full automation and clarifying the areas that require human intervention.

There are many in this network who are aiming to become digital disruptors, and they talked about how to connect to business through agile development with actual examples to make it happen. In addition, some participants were able to brush up the direction of their business plans by using the elevator pitch template. Since we had 100 participants this time, we took a new approach by using the Zoom  and Slido platform to catch up on questions. As a result, we were able to end the workshop with a positive response from the participants.

About the Business Design Network

This is one of the ten study groups organized by the faculty, current students, and alumni of the NUCB Business School. In the "Business Concept Network," we will discuss new business concepts and new businesses based on past business cases and study the impact of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. When we look back on this critical situation 10 years from now, we will ask what we could have done as MBA holders and think of actions taken with pride. This network also hosts a network site run by alumni on a voluntary basis for those who wish to learn more about business models.

Business Model Network

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