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May meeting of the Business Design Network held virtually

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Following on from the April event, the "With Corona After Corona's 100 Ideas for Business Concepts, Part 2" business concept network was held virtually in May. Based on the ideas generated in the "With Corona After Corona: 100 Ideas for Business Concepts Part 1" session held in April, the network held two sessions, one before Corona and one after Corona, for further discussion.

The workshop was divided into six themes (food, clothing, housing, entertainment, education, medical care, and work style), and participants brainstormed about the changes in the value provided, players, and customers between before and after Corona. For each theme, the participants voted on whether it looked profitable, interesting, or feasible. Even though they thought they knew what they needed to consider and from what perspective in order to actually proceed with the business concept, there were some things that did not go well when they actually tried. It was a meaningful study session that provided an opportunity for all participants to accumulate experience. In the future, the Business Model Network will be expanding its activities to include a pitch contest scheduled for July.

About the Business Design Network

This is one of the ten study groups organized by the faculty, current students, and alumni of the NUCB Business School. Members of the Business Design Network discuss new business concepts and new businesses based on past business cases.
In this network, we will study the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. When we look back on this critical situation 10 years from now, we will be able to look back on what we could have done as MBA holders and think of actions we can be proud of. This network also includes a network site to learn about business concepts run by alumni volunteers.