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Research Career Network meeting: Ph.D. and the path to obtaining it

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We have received a report from Professor Shinichi Takeuchi, a faculty member of NUCB Business School, who presented the second meeting of the Research Career Network.

Report on the Second Meeting of the Research Career Network by Professor Shinichi Takeuchi
"Doctoral Degree and the Path to Obtaining It"

In this issue, I gave a "personal narrative" about my journey to earn a doctorate in education from Hiroshima University. In my career history, I left the company I joined as a new graduate, obtained an MBA, started my own business, obtained a university teaching position, entered a doctoral program, obtained a Ph. The fact that I managed to talk about it for the graduating students allowed me to reflect on it. In my case, in addition to the fact that I had started teaching at a graduate school before I received my degree, I had to overcome the fact that many of the students in my courses were university faculty with doctoral degrees, which meant that I was "losing" my degree as a teacher. Overcoming this situation was a tough process, but it was also a stimulating time for me to get a new sense of myself. When I entered the doctoral program, I was already a university teacher, which was a blessing in terms of income, but the days of traveling back and forth between Tokyo and Hiroshima wore out my body and soul, and I spent a lot of money. I don't think it's a path I would recommend to anyone, but I do think it's a path you have to take on. (Shinichi Takeuchi)

About the Research Career Network

In anticipation of the establishment of the doctoral program at the NUCB Business School, this network will be held as a place for those interested in entering doctoral programs at all graduate schools in Japan and abroad to exchange information. Our faculty members have the mindset and concrete vision to encourage our graduates to obtain their Ph.D.