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Healthcare Network Membership Surpasses 500

Healthcare Network #NetworkReport #HealthcareNetwork

Healthcare Network

As of May 2021, the Healthcare Network, one of our school's many networks, has 516 members (graduates + current students), exceeding 500 members. This network was established in December 2014 under the initiative of Professor Yuji Nagasawa, who has been No.1 in class evaluation satisfaction for 9 consecutive years. Dr. Nagasawa himself wanted the network to be a place where people from the pharmaceutical and medical industries, many of whom belong to the school, could interact with each other, discuss the business administration they learned here based on real reality rather than empty theories, and mutually enlighten each other.

In April 2015, the group was recognized as an official organization of the school, and has since expanded to the Nagoya and Osaka Campuses, meeting 69 times over the past six years. Thanks to the active efforts and support of Dr. Nagasawa and the students, we have grown to 500 members. Although the last year and the past year have been difficult due to the effects of Corona, Dr. Nagasawa hopes to continue to develop the network and increase its value as a place for discussion among students. The future activities of this network will attract more and more attention.

About the Healthcare Network

This network was established by Professor Yuji Nagasawa, and is a network of students and graduates working in the pharmaceutical and medical industries who meet regularly to discuss innovations in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, and many of the students have been active in the field.

Profile of Professor Yuji Nagasawa