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クイーンズ大学 (カナダ) への留学参加レポート Luis Humberto Bautista Munguiaさん 


カナダの提携校Queen's Universityでの交換留学に参加中のGlobal MBA学生Luis Humberto Bautista Munguiaさんより留学レポートが届きました。

2017 交換留学参加レポート

From September 2017 until December 2017 I did a study abroad at Queen’s University in Ontario Canada. Queen’s University is one of the oldest universities in Canada founded in 1841 in Kingston. During my stay, I was fully immersed in the Canadian culture and interacting with Canadian students at all times. I enjoyed many activities such as playing soccer with the MBA team, kayaking in Lake Ontario and participating in scavenger hunts and corn maze races. I also visited other Canadian cities like Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.

Queen’s University is usually ranked in the top three universities in Canada and top 100 in the world. I felt that taking part in the MBA program at University with such a high reputation would increase my chance of achieving my career goals in Canada while enhancing my educational experience at NUCB Business school. Likewise, the MBA program at Queen’s University offered courses that were part of their health care specialty which is related to my previous undergraduate education, thus increasing the value of my exchange term. Finally, Queen’s University firmly believes in the importance of staying connected. Therefore, they have the option for exchange students to stay connected with current and previous MBA Alumni creating a vast amount of opportunities for networking.

Exchange students shared the classroom with other regular students from the 1-year MBA program. Queen’s University had the possibility of picking courses from a group of 12 classes in many subjects such as marketing and finance. The courses I selected were Executing Marketing Based Strategy, Service Management and Global Strategy. Queen’s University allowed students to audit other classes or watch their videos online as all the classes were recorded. The academic aspect of my exchange term that I enjoyed the most was the live cases. The majority of the classes involved a live case presentation with the goal of offering a possible solution to an issue that a real client was facing.

Overall, I believe that my exchange term was an unforgettable experience. I had the chance of meeting new friends from all over the world while taking advantage of the academic opportunities offered at Queen’s University. I would recommend that future NUCB Business school students consider this university and Canada as an option for their exchange term due to diverse extracurricular activities and their high quality educational opportunities that without a doubt will enhance the value of the MBA program at NUCB Business school.

名古屋校 マネジメント研究科 Global MBA Luis Humberto Bautista Munguiaさん(メキシコ)