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EMLYON ビジネススクール(フランス)への交換留学 参加レポート David Daisuke Endoh Patlanさん

#フランス #ビジネススクール

2017年11月 参加レポート

フランスにある提携校、EMLYONビジネススクールで9月〜12月までの交換留学に参加中のDavid Daisuke Endoh Patlanさんより留学レポートが届きました!



When I first decided, I wanted to do an exchange, I knew that I wanted to go to either France or Germany. One reason to choose France was because of the high standards their business schools have and I thought it would be really interesting to see how European business schools prepare the future leaders of companies that have been leading in their fields for several years now, like LVMH, Danone, Michelin, etc.

Courses are generally studied over all three months, and they have a dynamic where they divide the class in two parts. The first half correspond to lecture and the other half group work or online learning or group work, very similar to the dynamic of lecture and group work in  NUCB Business school.


Eiffel Tower

During the exchange, some courses I took were Operations Strategy, New Venture, Growth and Development, Consumer Behavior and Intermediate French. One thing that caught me by surprise to be honest was the different approach student have towards classes. The environment compare to what I was used to back home is more relax, I know understand why exchange students who came to our school would feel overwhelmed. Even though it was a short stay I was able to find some time to have some weekend trips around France. The last but the trip and placed I enjoyed the most in France! Mount Saint Michel.

Doing this student exchange turned to be a great decision. I had the opportunity to see some very interesting during my time at France. I also manage to see again some of the guys I met at NUCB Business school and encountered some extraordinary people. The opportunities provide by an exchange are immense and the you get from it has helped me to grow and change (for the better) as a person. I feel truly lucky to have been in a position to have had this opportunity. I would not hesitate to recommend an exchange to anyone my fellow class mates.