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レンヌビジネススクール(フランス)への交換留学 参加レポート Chi-Yao Leeさん

#フランス #ビジネススクール

2018年2月 参加レポート

フランスにある提携校、レンヌビジネススクールで9日間のショートプログラムに参加したChiYao (David) Leeさんの留学レポートをご紹介します。

NUCB Business school Study Abroad Experience

The NUCB Business school experience would not be complete without its Study Abroad Program. As a student that chose The NUCB Business school among the top hundreds of international business schools, I’m confident to say that all students, especially those of us in the Global Leader Program, love the school because of its diversity. From the Japanese sword dance in the welcome party to the pleasant diversity in the classrooms, this unique, exclusive, and global experience is what makes NUCB Business school  a top business school that opens your eyes to the world.

Learning Beyond Expectation

Just after a two-hour train, I was able to experience the huge difference between Paris and Rennes. Being able to see into France was a fortunate decision. Rennes is a “university town” and the city had a very different vibe; not as elegant as Paris, but not any less wonderful and beautiful. On the first day of meeting our peers for the program, I had full appreciation of the diversity: we had 6 students from Norway, a student from Colombia, a student from Canada, a student from Mexico, a student from Sweden, and the 3 of us from NUCB Business school. I ended up learning so much more about the world, and not just about France. (especially Northern Europe and Latin America)

Company Visit

The course was mostly working on a project of helping a CSR company and in fact the CEO of the company came and took our advice. The professor would only provide tools to solve our problems when they occur. This truly “hands-on” approach really let us to be able to quickly internalized the teachings.

I was able to practice the “peace maker” role that we learned in NUCB Business school, and helped everyone to appreciate and utilize the different learning approaches we had. For example, the whole team of 7 people from 6 different countries was arguing intensively about how we should approach the project. The Norwegian schools focused on SWOT and PESTOL analysis, but the French/Nigerian student wanted to use a “Problem-Solution-Process” approach. Fortunately, as students from NUCB Business school, we’ve already seen many styles with similar conflicts, so we were able to help merge the different styles together and proceed onto a great result.