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LUISS Business School DDP Study Abroad Report Sept 2021 - June 2022- Syed Faraaz

We are pleased to introduce a A DDP study abroad report from Syed Faraaz, who participated in Double Degree Program at Luiss Business School in Italy from September 2021 to June 2022.


As an aspiring business professional, I had the invaluable opportunity to embark on a study abroad journey at LUISS Business School in Italy, while pursuing my academic endeavours at NUCB Business School. In this comprehensive report, I aim to share my personal insights and reflections on my enriching experience at LUISS Business School, covering various aspects such as research, curriculum structure, elective courses, field projects, learning labs, notable events, and the valuable e-learning resources available during my time there.

Engaging in Meaningful Research

One of the highlights of my study abroad experience was the extensive research I conducted at LUISS Business School. The institution provided me with unrivalled access to an array of scholarly resources, including academic databases, reputable online journals, and a vast library. These invaluable resources facilitated my exploration of contemporary business topics, enabling me to delve deep into critical issues and stay abreast of the latest developments within the field. The research opportunities at LUISS Business School truly broadened my horizons and allowed me to gain a profound understanding of the business landscape.

LUISS Business School's Multichannel Learning Approach

At LUISS Business School, the Full-time MBA program employs a unique multichannel learning approach, which seamlessly integrates digital tools and in class discussions. This approach fosters a culture of collaborative learning, encouraging students to actively participate and share their knowledge and insights. ​The program's meticulously designed 12month structure encompasses core disciplinary areas, elective courses, field projects, and learning labs, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded business education.

Equipping Students with Core Disciplinary Areas

LUISS Business School prides itself on equipping students with a strong foundation in core disciplinary areas, empowering them to excel in the realm of business management. Through meticulously crafted courses such as accounting and control, business law, corporate and investment banking, economics, finance, human resource management, innovation, marketing, organizational design, operations management, and strategy, students develop a systematic approach to decision-making, problem-solving, and effective business management. These courses not only foster critical thinking but also instill the analytical and planning tools necessary for success in the corporate world.

Customizing the MBA Journey: Electives at LUISS Business School

Recognizing the significance of tailoring the MBA experience to individual interests and career aspirations, LUISS Business School offers a wide range of elective courses. These electives allow students to specialize in specific industries and tracks, enabling them to gain in-depth knowledge of their chosen sectors. At LUISS Business School, I had the privilege of selecting electives that aligned with my career goals. The diverse array of options, including banking, consumer products and retail, digital markets, energy, family business, fintech, infrastructure, luxury and fashion, media and entertainment, and smart mobility, provided me with a comprehensive understanding of various sectors and equipped me with specialized expertise.

Bridging Theory and Practice: The Field Project

A standout component of the Full-time MBA program at LUISS Business School is the immersive Field Project. Collaborating with peers, I had the opportunity to tackle real-world business challenges, working alongside a startup. This hands-on experience allowed me to apply the theoretical concepts and frameworks learned in the classroom to practical situations. The Field Project not only honed my critical thinking skills but also showcased my ability to drive meaningful change within a business context. This invaluable experience bridged the gap between theory and practice, preparing me for the dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape.

Empowering Practical Skills through Learning Labs

LUISS Business School places significant emphasis on the development of practical skills and personal growth. The institution's Learning Labs stand as a testament to this commitment. These experiential and practical labs focused on enhancing essential soft skills and transversal competencies crucial for success in the business world. Covering a diverse range of topics such as effective leadership, project management, communication and presentation skills, data analysis and visualization, innovation and creativity, teamwork and collaboration, and critical thinking and problem-solving, the Learning Labs equipped me with the practical tools necessary to excel in my professional endeavors.

Notable News and Events: Enriching the Learning Experience

Throughout my time at LUISS Business School, I had the privilege of attending various informative and engaging events. These events, including guest lectures, industry panels, networking sessions, and workshops, provided valuable opportunities to gain insights from seasoned professionals, expand my professional network, and stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the dynamic business world. LUISS Business School's commitment to organizing such events greatly enhanced my educational experience, enabling me to bridge the gap between academia and industry.


My study abroad experience at LUISS Business School was undeniably transformative, propelling me towards personal and professional growth. The program's emphasis on forward-thinking business concepts, the opportunity to engage with industry professionals, and the unwavering support provided by the school truly contributed to a holistic and rewarding educational journey. The Skill Labs empowered me with practical skills, while the diverse range of elective courses allowed me to tailor my MBA journey to suit my individual interests and aspirations. I am genuinely grateful for the knowledge, experiences, and invaluable connections forged during my time at LUISS Business School, all of which will undoubtedly shape my future endeavors in the dynamic realm of business.