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ドイツにある提携校EBSビジネススクールにてダブルディグリーへ参加中の虞韋海さん《Global MBA所属》より留学レポートが届きました。


Studying and Living in Germany Report - 1

After 13 hours non-stop exhausting flight and nearly 30 hours straight non-sleep-long day, finally reached my destination, Frankfurt am Main airport, then dropped off by taxi-driver, after new apartment showing, the first thing I did was to hug my sweet and soft pillow, since I knew without hugging it  I was unable to challenge new adventures waiting ahead. Honestly, I haven’t done any research concerning life in Germany although it is my first time leaving Asia, the word adventure maybe sound a little bit exaggerating when I talked to my friends in the first place, however, after 4 month living here, I start to feel that I accidently used the correct word which exactly expressed my experience both positively and negatively as followings.


I heard that German and British have quite low bar on food, all of my friends and colleagues comment it as simple, cold and tasteless, to sum up in a word, terrible. I understand as a rice guy myself, haven’t harbor too much expectation before coming here for food, but it turn out to be not so disappointing at all. For example, Doner, which is a famous Turkish dish and made of meat and vegetable, can be found everywhere, and tasted really good with various flavor I like. And the price is also quite acceptable; normally a huge size one just charged for 3Euro. (Trust me, I said huge here means it is really big, I hardly can eat it all in one meal)

Another famous dish is ham hock, which tasted crisp outside and salty inside. I was strongly recommend by one of my friends while visiting Munich, and fell deeply into it since then.

The third typical food could not miss is what they call wurst, Germany sausage. In supermarket, there are countless different color, different shape and different taste of sausage I have seen and tried. German even eats it during afternoon tea; just image how they like it.

The fourth one I want to name is bread, just like sausage, German so love it that invented so many different types. I was shocked the first time when I saw four big and long shelves full of various breads and it says there are more than 600 types of bread available on market.


Long Long Ago, I was taught German has the best beer in the world, yes, The Best, and in Munich, the world's largest fair held annually called Octoberfest, which lasts more than two weeks, attracts people from all over the world to enjoy beer, the scale of this event definitely proved the “best rumor”.

Wiesbaden, the place where I am living now, belongs to Rheingau region, is the place of production for very famous white wine and sparkling wine. Go to any shop, big or small one, you can buy the best quality Rheingau wine at a really astonishing low price For example, this one here costs only 5Euro,  And I guess it is because of the place of production of wine, generally wine here is less than 10Euro a bottle, sometimes if on sale, just 2.99Euro you can buy one bottle with decent taste. Here is my favorite one, costs only 8Euro.


For those who are Asian and want to buy clothes here, I suggest you give up this mind. Taking myself for instance, I had visited more than dozens shops trying to buy a coat for the long and rigid winter, but none fits my body size. The size here is ridiculously large and fat, I am 176cm and 75kg, which I believe is quite regular in Asia and wears L size, but here even the smallest S size coat makes me look like a child suffered from malnutrition. So, don't forget to bring your coat if visiting here during winter unless you want to shiver like a vibrator. Also for girls, the main color of clothes in shop here is as dim as the winter sky, and most German girls dressed the way man does, black jacket, Lee jeans and Nike sneak, that is what the girl fashion here.


Contrary to conservative dressing style in German, the architecture exhibits a completely difference in my point of view. Just check the jpg taken from my window, how fascinating those houses are. Some are flat roof with vine covered, some are tipped with tall and slim roof, and some looks like covered with ice cone. And even the roof colour is bright and energetic.