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ウィーン経済・経営大学(オーストリア)への交換留学 参加レポート Chino CASTANEDAさん


2015年2月-5月 参加レポート

オーストリアにある提携校、Vienna University of Economics and Businessで2月〜5月までの交換留学に参加中の学生さんより留学レポートが届きました!

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to finish my last semester in an exchange  in the largest business school in Europe in terms of population. With the full support and assistance of NUCB Business school and its Administration, I was accepted by Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).
At first, I had cold feet, as I already felt at home in NUCB Business school and Nagoya. However, I challenged myself to have a new experience and learning from a perspective of a European education. In addition, I also considered the other benefits of having an exchange semester abroad, which includes becoming more global and having a wider network of peers.
When I arrived here in Vienna, I noticed that most of my exchange counterparts were from North America and Europe. There are a few students from Asian universities. In fact, I realized that I am the only Filipino student and the only student from a Japanese university in the Master Program. This did not hinder me to create new acquaintances and friends.

In my first month in WU, I was enrolled into language and cultural courses, which prepared me into my transition to my brief stay here. Everyday, I learned German and the history and culture of Austria. This opened me to the European perspective of society, education and history. Moreover, I realized that the German language is very complicated and harder to learn than Japanese. Hence, making me miss Yamamoto Sensei and also speaking and learning Japanese.

As I have just have started my semester, I am very motivated and looking forward in attending my courses.

名古屋校 マネジメント研究科 Chino CASTANEDAさん(フィリピン)