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ウィーン経済・経営大学(オーストリア)への交換留学 参加レポート Chino CASTANEDAさん パート2


オーストリアにある提携校、Vienna University of Economics and Businessで2月〜5月までの交換留学に参加中のGLP学生Chino CASTANEDAさんより留学レポート パート2が届きました!

2015年2月-5月 参加レポート

A New Perspective: Education in Europe

As I transferred here in Austria, I thought that there would not be a lot of difference living here as compared to Japan provided that both countries are developed. However, that was not the case. In fact, this difference became more evident when I started my semester. I have noticed that there is a different view of education here in Austria. It was more a right that everyone has access to education. Compared to Japan, I feel that education is more of a privilege. This gave me the perception that though both cultures are very serious in terms of learning and deliverables, there are differences especially in terms of perspective. Aside from that, I have discovered that both countries are very conducive places to learn and develop one’s skill. Moreover, I enjoy both countries’ culture, society and education system and I realized that I am very fortunate in having this opportunity of experiencing this.

European and Asian Perspective

In WU, I have already finished several courses and found out that though the business concepts are the same there is a different perspective in Asian market and expansion. It tends to be a generalization of Asia as being a developing region but it does not look into the detail and its characteristic. Moreover, whenever Europe is the topic of discussion, it is talked about in a very detailed to the point it sometimes dates back to the country’s history and culture. This is when I learned about insights from professors and students who have direct experience in the country or culture. In this situation, I think that I have the best of both worlds because I have been learning the Asian and Japanese perspective from NUCB Business school and now I am being educated from the European standpoint. This gives me the advantage of knowing both in detail and how businesses are conducted in both regions of the world.

Company Visit

In addition, I also had a chance to attend a class, which visited several Austrian companies and experience first hand to give solutions on their current dilemmas.  In this class, we were able to talk to the top executives and interview them to be able to dissect in detail the possible strategies for the companies. This class is very practical, as we have used the theories we learned in real business setting.


I still have several courses that I still need to finish. I am looking forward on these so that I could be able to learn more about the European standpoint and use these to broaden my outlook in this globalized world.

名古屋校 マネジメント研究科所属 Chino CASTANEDAさん(フィリピン)