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Fresher Interview Series I.《Global MBA》

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Ali from Saudi Arabia , Full-time MBA student

Freshers starting their MBA this April have arrived to the campus from around the world. We have asked some of them of their impression on Japan and NUCB Business School.

Can you tell us your personal background?

I’m from Saudi Arabia, King Saud University and I have studied Japanese for 4 and a half years before arriving to NUCB Business School.

What is your purpose of studying at NUCB Business School ?

I will spend two years at NUCB Business School to achieve an MBA degree in Japanese and utilize that knowledge to become a university professor in my home country in the future.

What is your impression of Japan ?

I did not know much about Nagoya before, however I had the impression that Japan is a very safe country, therefore I’m grateful to be here. Natural disaster could happen any time, anywhere, however I believe that Japan handles the situation professionally and it makes me feel safe.

Al Abass Ali Yahya A Full-time MBA student