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7/1(金)に開講されたManagerial Marketing(栗田康弘教授)の講義では、ゲストスピーカーとして西友CMO(Chief Merchandizing Officer)の中村真紀さんをお招きしました。
彼女は、5月に開かれた親会社Wal-martの株主総会で "the Sam M. Walton Entrepreneur of the Year Award"を受賞しています。


On the 1st of July (Fri), SEIYU CMO (Chief Merchandising Officer) Ms. Maki Nakamura has been invited as a guest speaker of the GLP class ”Managerial Marketing -Prof.Kurita”.
This May, Ms. Nakamura won the "Sam M. Walton Entrepreneur of the Year Award” awarded by the parent company Wal-mart at the stockholders’ meeting.
Watch her interview (ENG)
The story of the Shimoidai SEIYU shop manager shows SEIYU philosophy. When the Earthquake hit Japan in March he had immediately started to hand out store stocks free of charge based on his own judgment. Wal-mart company called the shop manager on stage at the stockholders’ meeting and named him a “HERO”.
“Everything for Customer Satisfaction is the key of business. Maybe it’s time to rethink of the Japanese cliché when communicating with our boss.” says Prof.Kurita.