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ウィーン経済・経営大学(オーストリア)への交換留学 参加レポート Chino CASTANEDAさん パート3


オーストリアにある提携校、Vienna University of Economics and Businessで2月〜5月までの交換留学に参加中のChino CASTANEDAさん(マネジメント研究科所属)より留学レポート パート3が届きました!

2015年2月-5月 参加レポート

Education in Europe: Valuable Lessons

As I have finished my semester in Vienna, I am taking away significant experiences that have developed me better. Aside from the business concepts and classroom learning, I have also acquired new knowledge in the European perspective in doing business. Though others argue that there is only one way of doing business in a globalized setting, I think that Europe, specifically Austria, is still focused on the growth in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). This is mainly because of its geographic location and the high prospects of growth in the region. This is completely different with Japan as we learned in NUCB Business school. Japan is now focusing its business with the ASEAN but also trying to maintain its influence in other parts of the world.
Aside from business, I have also improved myself in terms of the cross-cultural aspect. I have been more adaptable to the environment especially Asians are the minority here. Moreover, the difference between Austria and both Japan and Philippines are very unalike. This is evident in communication, education and culture. This made me more sensitive and flexible to better adapt myself.



Now that my exchange semester has been completed, I am very excited to go back to NUCB Business school. I have learned a lot and at the same time enjoyed my stay here in WU. I have widened my horizon and perspective in knowledge in business, culture and even my network. I do not regret spending a semester here in Vienna. In fact, I would recommend this program to other students to experience a different view and learning.


名古屋校 マネジメント研究科所属 Chino CASTANEDAさん(フィリピン)