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Fresher Interview Series II.《Global MBA》

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Guven from Turkey , Full-time MBA student

Freshers starting their MBA this April have arrived to the campus from around the world. We have asked some of them of their impression on Japan and NUCB Business School.

Why did you choose NUCB Business School?

NUCB Business School was attractive for me because of its double accreditation and convenient location. More than that the program is quite attractive with the courses it offers and the lecturers with real life business experience.

What are your first impressions of Nagoya ?

I think that Nagoya is a great and well organized city. It is smaller than my hometown but I really like and enjoy it. It is one of the safest city in the world to live.

Do you enjoy the life in Japan ?

I really like the Japanese cuisine. Also the cultural richness, scenic beauty, 7/24 open convenient stores, well organized transportation possibilities, kindness of people, safe environment are making Japan more attractive and comfortable for foreigners.

What is your first sight experience about the classes and lecturers at NUCB Business School?

As my field is mechanical engineering, I am having some difficulties in business related fields. However by the help & approach of the lecturers I feel that I will overcome these problems. Sometimes I remember the expression "no pain, no gain". I am quite sure that the gain will worth the pain during the MBA program at NUCB Business School.

Guven Bircan Full-time MBA student