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Fresher Interview Series III.《Global MBA》

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Andre from Indonesia, Full Time MBA student

Classes of Global MBA have started from the first week of April. We have asked some of the MBA freshers of their impression on Japan and NUCB Business School.

Why did you choose NUCB Business School and Japan?

Previously, I got my master of engineering degree in Japan, and the good location was one of my main consideration while choosing a business school. I found out that NUCB Business School had been accredited by AACSB and AMBA. Furthermore, it offers the MBA program in English. As a foreign student, I think that international accreditations are crucial.

What is your first sight experience about the classes and lecturers at NUCB Business School ?

Honestly, at first, I could not really understand what the lecturers were talking about in the classes because I had a different education background. After some time, I could slowly follow the classes and participate in the discussions. What I like are the supportive lecturers and friendly students who appreciated all the opinions or ideas I said in the classes.

Do you enjoy the life in Japan ?

I really enjoy my life in Japan. I admit that I was scared when I heard the news about the tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan. However, I decided to continue to move to Nagoya because I trusted in the information provided by the Japanese government, my friends in Japan, and the administration staff at NUCB Business School. Based on my previous experience living in Japan, I knew that social safety was prioritized by the government. I am now living in Nagoya and I see that everything including the radiation level measured by the government is at a usual level.

What are your first impressions of Nagoya and Japan ?

Japan is a great country with distinct culture. Nagoya is a vibrant city which is not as crowded as Tokyo. It also has a good public transportation system. Therefore, I think Nagoya is suitable for foreign students who want to study and have a good experience in Japan.

Andre Tjahjadi Full-time MBA student