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Fresher Interview Series IV.《Global MBA》

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Rose from Portugal

Classes of Global MBA have started from the first week of April. We have asked some of the MBA freshers of their impression on Japan and NUCB Business School.

Why did you choose NUCB Business School and Japan?

As I have previous academic experience at the American and European continent (Brazil & Portugal) the next natural step for me would be an Asian country. I chose Japan and NUCB Business School because Japanese management culture is well known and highly respected all over the world, I want to experience that management style and learn as much as I can about it.

What is your first sight experience about the classes and lecturers at NUCB Business School ?

The lectures at NUCB Business School are of great use for me regarding the dichotomy between western and eastern points of view, not only from the lecturers’ perspective but also from my colleagues. Having a more balanced student group in terms of Asian provenience makes the learning experience and information exchange much richer and challenging.

Do you enjoy the life in Japan ?

Life in Japan is totally different in various aspects from what I am used to at my home country and that is the most amazing thing about coming to study at NUCB Business School. This is a unique opportunity to see my professional, academic and personal life from a totally new and exiting point of view. It is exactly what I expected, a singular and unforgettable experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

What are your first impressions of Nagoya and Japan ?

I came to Japan gambling on what could happen due to the earthquake/tsunami incident. However I couldn’t be happier and satisfied with my decision to keep my journey to Japan booked. First of all because life goes as usual in Nagoya (so there is no change on people’s daily lives) and second because it is the most amazing cultural shock that I’ve experienced in my life. It is very gratifying to get to know such a rich and different culture as well as the way of life!

Rose Marie Botelho Azevedo

Exchange student