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Fresher Interview Series VI.《Global MBA》

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Khalil from Morocco

Classes of Global MBA have started from the first week of April. We have asked some of the MBA freshers of their impression on Japan and NUCB Business School.

Why did you choose NUCB Business School

and Japan? First of all, japan means several things for me . I was dreaming about this country since I was a child. This is the country in constant change but also a country maintaining its tradition with the greatest pleasure. It has a special capability to be one of the most developed countries in the world and yet hold on to its thousands of years old culture and values. Studying at NUCB Business School means that my dream has come true. I feel confident that the knowledge I can collect at this Graduate School will help me on the path to become a successful business leader in the future.

What is your first sight experience about the classes and lecturers at NUCB Business School ?

At NUCB Business School graduate school I felt the uniqueness of the Japanese educational system. All classes have the “Made in japan attitude" and skilled lecturers coming from all over the world to teach us various business courses.

Do you enjoy the life in Japan ?

I have already spent more than 1 month in Japan. I absolutely enjoyed each moment, especially as I arrived at the Sakura season, which provided a beautiful scene all over Japan.

What are your first impressions of Nagoya and Japan ?

Nagoya is simply matching my professional expectations with the opportunity to insight in various industries, and in the same time it ensures a decent way of living as well.

Mokdad Khalil

Exchange student