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Case Presentation

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English MBA & MSc in Management Case Presentation

Students were nervous before their presentation, however, once presentations started they presented enthusiastically about their final cases to their primary and secondary faculty advisors and to the peer audience.

This was their final task for completing graduation requirements. They used various types of industry models for their cases on companies such as Nintendo, Samsung, NVIDIA, McDonalds and so on. The advisors asked the expected graduates why their cases would be valuable for other students to learn about business management practices. By reviewing their learning objectives for cases, expected graduates described why they chose these companies and how they can be used in future learning situations for creating discussion on a variety of business situations.

The peer audience, including students expecting to graduate in the near future, nodded at some points during the presentations. Joining the case presentation of expected graduates was certainly a great opportunity for current students to get a deeper consideration of their own final case presentations.

English MBA & MSc in Management is a Master’s program offering the MBA Japan and is designed for those who seek quality and flexibility to improve their skills for future employment and leadership opportunities. The aim of the program is to cultivate highly skilled professionals with a global mindset, a strong sense of ethics, and the ability to contribute positively to the international business community.