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《英語MBA》高山旅行 2018春


Cultural Enrichment Activity - Takayama and Shirakawa-go

International students enrolled at the NUCB Business School, both exchange and double degree students, had an opportunity to take a trip to visit the beautiful countryside in neighboring prefecture of Gifu. Although the campus itself is in downtown Nagoya, right in the middle of the financial and commercial district of Nagoya, the school provides a variety of experiences and enrichment activities for the development and understanding of the role in Japanese culture even in business and social connections.

During the first day of the trip, students went directly to Shirakawa-go, which is a small, traditional village with houses in the "gassho-zukuri" building style (thatched roofs). This is a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site which has different faces depending on the season. Next, the students traveled to Takayama City to spend the night in a very traditional style "ryokan" which includes tatami floors, futons and an on-site onsen for relaxing.

On the second day, students had some free time to walk around the historic district of Takayama which is often referred to as "little Kyoto." After having lunch in Takayama, students then took a quick trip to "Hida no Sato" which is a nearby folk village where students had registered to make either a "sarubobo" doll (a local amulet/ good luck charm) or "hashi" (chopsticks and a cloth chopsticks bag). It was an eventful two days, and students seemed to enjoy the opportunity to experience a completely different side of Japan and take a break from courses for the weekend. For an early Summer day, the students had a perfect two days on June 16th and 17th to explore Japan.

100%英語で学べるGlobal Leader Program

本学には、外国人正規留学生、ダブルディグリープログラム学生、短期交換留学生など世界各国から留学生が集まっております。また、日本にいながら100%英語でMBAを学ぶGlobal Leader Programを開講しております。日本にいながら、また、働きながら海外と同じ環境でMBA取得を目指せます。